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The Nugget Theater in Hanover, NH

Hello from a Dartmouth student that, at the time of writing, just finished his third week! The last week has been a blur of writing, reading, and waiting in FoCo lines, but in my search for some weekend relief, I decided to walk two blocks off-campus in my first sampling of Hanover's local movie theater: the Nugget.

The Nugget, by all standards, is a small theater serving a small town. My phone connection shut off completely when I walked in, which might have contributed to the overall experience by promoting a certain degree of immersion. I decided to go watch the Joker movie two days into its opening weekend with a handful of friends, and a part of me was highly concerned it would be full. But with plenty of seats and affordable tickets (ten bucks!), I was in a perfect position to watch one of the zaniest superhero universe movies I've ever seen.

The experience was really enjoyable, and I noticed many friendly faces among the audience. Dartmouth is a small school, but even so, I think it's impossible to remember the names of everyone in your class within the four years. It's big enough to meet as many different people as you want, while also being small enough that you'll see your friends accidentally more often than not. Multiple times already I've received a text from a friend only to run into them within the next thirty seconds. 

In Dartmouth's environment, a movie theater seems slightly out of place. My family and I would often go to see movies together, so there being a tiny movie theater so close to campus is a small joy and a welcome escape. 

Aside from the Nugget, there are a variety of hotspots just off campus that make life so much more convenient. I paid a visit to Hanover Haircutters earlier this week and had a fantastic job done by Ryan, one of the owners, and my friends and I visited Tuk Tuk for some incredible Thai food to celebrate a couple of my friends' birthdays. Whereas I think I used to think of Dartmouth as a school literally in the middle of the woods prior to application season, this place has so many comforts within arm's reach that make it so much more palatable once campus has given you the rounds. 

In the following weeks, I hope to be able to spotlight a few more of the spots around campus that I really enjoyed while also giving you guys a little more insight into the beautiful Upper Valley environment I'm growing to love. It's getting chilly in New Hampshire (I see all the Floridians and Californians bringing winter hats out for 50 degree weather and I laugh) but I think we're all excited for what the coming months will bring. I've moved so many times and never seen more than a foot of snow. I can hardly wait and I hope to share that adventure with you all very soon!

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