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After grabbing my daily smoothie and breakfast sandwich from Collis and chicken noodle soup and sandwich from FoCo, I sometimes find myself craving food from back home. When I get the urge to eat non-DDS (Dartmouth Dining Services Food), I venture to Main Street in pursuit of a new restaurant to try. 

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I have only been here for six weeks, but I have become quite attached to Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine's Drunken Noodles and Pineapple Fried Rice. A lot of clubs will set aside part of their budget so members can eat Tuk Tuk takeout during meetings. I also highly recommend Molly's if the parents are in town. Although it is a bit pricey, their freshly baked bread and loaded nachos make it a worthy investment. However, if the wallet is looking a little empty, I suggest heading to CVS or Domino's for a snack run. Other "must tries" include Lou's (peep their Country Breakfast in the cover picture), My Brigadero, and Swirl and Pearl's Thai bubble tea. 

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A lot of students from the city and suburbs share a common concern: "What will I do in rural Hanover?" As someone who grew up near New York City, I also weighed location as a major factor in my decision to come to Dartmouth. Fortunately, between classes and clubs, I am constantly busy doing something. The Collis Programming Board also makes sure that is never a shortage of events happening on campus–from Trivia Night to concerts to trips to Boston, Vermont, and New York. Most convenient of all, Main Street, just a ten-minute walk from the Green, allows students to go beyond the Dartmouth bubble and to explore other aspects of college life. 

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