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How would you describe Dartmouth's sense of place?

A: Bryanna Entwistle '23

Dartmouth has a very strong sense of place. The College prides itself on being a huge part of the Upper Valley community, and when you are at Dartmouth, you can take part in all that it has to offer. From the farmers markets, to the Connecticut River, to local hikes -- there are so many opportunities to take part in the unique area of New Hampshire that the College calls its home. Our mascot is "Big Green" for a reason: Dartmouth is nestled between the beautiful, green mountains of Vermont and the white mountains of New Hampshire. It truly feels like summer camp. 

Hanover's small size means that the town and the college are fundamentally intertwined. I work at a local coffee shop and most of my customers are Dartmouth students. You'll be walking through town, getting dinner at the local Chinese resturant Han Fusion, or be trying on clothes at a boutique, and you're guarenteed to run into people you know. I've absolutely loved this aspect of Dartmouth. 

Dartmouth refers to itself as a "base camp to the world." The Upper Valley is certainly home, but it is also the launching pad from which students can experience study abroads, internships, and more. After every summer, my off-term, and my study abroad, I feel like I've been able to fit right back into the swing of Dartmouth. Despite my real home being halfway across the world in Singapore, coming back to the Upper Valley has always felt like coming home.

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