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Girl skiing on a sunny day

It was surreal to see Instagram flood in with 27s celebrating their acceptances on Thursday. I will never share campus with them, as this Spring is my last at Dartmouth. Spring -- as it is for many -- has always been my favorite term on campus. There is something about the way each day gets warmer that makes people on campus progressively happier through the term. Eventually, the leaves are back on the trees, the water is warm enough to swim in, and I'll trade my jeans out for shorts. 

Here are ten things on my spring bucket list:

1. First off, there is a tradition called the "daily dip" that seniors partake in, where every day of the term we submerge ourselves in the Connecticut River. Yes, even in March. It's bone-numbingly cold but definitely wakes you up!

Daily Dipping
Me and my friend Rachel doing the "Daily Dip"

2. Spring skiing! I went to Stowe this weekend, which is a full sized resort just an hour and a half away from campus. It was the perfect day — 60 degrees and sunny. 

3. I'm finishing my history honors thesis on US policy during the Cambodian Genocide. It will end up being around 120 pages and will serve as the perfect bridge between my childhood growing up in Southeast Asia and history degree. 

5. As director of my dance group Sugarplum, I'm choreographing and setting our senior showcase that will be performed in May. 

6. I'm taking a tabla (Indian drumming) class this term called "Music and Dance of North India." Sandeep Das, a world-famous tabla player and composer, is driving up from Boston twice a week to teach us.

Girl Playing the Tabla
My first Dartmouth friend, Kealia, in our tabla class

7. I'm also taking a class called "Buddhist Meditation Theory" with Professor Gregory Seton. All my friends who have taken it have phenomenal things to say, and I've loved it so far!

8. Making the most of the Norwich Farmers Market when it opens for the season! They sell the absolute best grilled cheese sandwiches in the Upper Valley.

9. Lounging on the Green. It's almost warm enough to do work on the Green, which recently got wifi coverage. There's nothing better than laying out after a long morning of classes.

Girls relaxing on the Green
Sleeping on the Green!

10. Working at the Nest in town! It's a tiny little coffee shop that is staffed predominantly by Dartmouth students. It has the best coffee and breakfast sandwiches in town -- no question. It's also a great place to study off campus.

Girl Doing Homework at a Coffee Shop
Doing homework at The Nest!

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