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Okay, well the title of this post is a bit of a trick because the truth is, I never picked a major to begin with and I still haven't officially declared one. At Dartmouth, we don't formally declare majors until the end of sophomore year. Nevertheless, I came into to Dartmouth intent on pursuing the pre-med track. I also knew I wanted to major in English or the social sciences, so a big draw to Dartmouth for me was the ability to do both fields at the same time.

Even now, the liberal arts focus of Dartmouth is really exciting to me, as I am someone who has never been interested in just one thing. However, entering my freshman spring, after taking six Dartmouth classes, I've decided to switch my focus away from the pre-med track and towards public policy, government, and economics. Of course, that decision isn't permanent, but for the moment, it's what feels right for me and my future. I was influenced heavily by the classes I've taken at Dartmouth, which include a couple of STEM courses, a few English classes, and some social science classes. The STEM classes were amazing and taught by awesome professors, but I was really surprised with how engaging the economics and government classes were. I went to a STEM high school, so I was not used to the caliber of Dartmouth humanities classes. Now that I've taken a few of these classes, I've decided to take a break from the pre-med track and explore the world from a new perspective, one taught by Dartmouth's government and economics departments.

The advising system available at Dartmouth also helped me consider my options and reflect on my experiences. My advising network has included conversations with my First Year Dean, a pre-med advisor, and a few more informal advisors, including professors and upperclassmen. In my experience, the Dartmouth advising system is super focused on self-reflection. Rather than asserting any set agendas or plans, all of my advisors have asked me questions and used my answers to shape their guidance. The conversations I had helped me realize that part of the beauty of Dartmouth is evolving throughout my time here.

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