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A famous wizard used this train station
London is beautiful!

I can say that I am getting more comfortable with living in the bustling city of London for my study abroad. I can use the Tube(the London subway system) with ease, I often go to my local grocery store instead of constantly eating out, and I have even made new friends, both at Queen Mary University and with my neighbors. So, I thought I would take you around on a "Study-Abroad Sunday" in London!

I get up around 10:30 AM, a little later than what I wanted, partly since my fraternity back home had deliberations for rush. The five-hour time difference didn't exactly help. However, I had to get up because I was late for church. Because London is so big and historic, leading to a vast array of religious churches, a couple of us on our study abroad want to go to different church services throughout our time here. I decided to go to a pentecostal church that met in a theatre about ten minutes away from my flat. The service was very nice, and looking out in the crowd, I noticed that the room was extremely diverse. It really reflected the city's landscape.

The message focused on verse from the book of Ezra!
The first service's message focused on verse from the book of Ezra!
Afterward, I had some errands to run. I stopped by a store called Boots (the British equivalent of a CVS) to pick up some toiletries, then stopped by a nearby Underground station to get my train card topped off. I then went to a grocery store and picked up some food; bread, cereal, fruit, spices, eggs, etc.
"Boots" and Cats
"Boots" and Cats!
I called my parents then went home for lunch, making a homemade burger and some fries. Not to brag, but they both came out extremely delicious! I then relaxed a little bit, watching some Netflix and chatting with my flatmates. Then came another church service. This one was at a local church right next door to my flat. It was a particularly interesting church since it was a Catholic building that now housed a Church of England church. That has been the main church I have been going to since coming to London, and I have been able to meet so many new people from all around the world. They even made us a Cantonese dinner; a pork and rice recipe that was absolutely delicious!
The second service was held in this beautiful historic building
The second service was held in this beautiful historic building!
I then came back and relaxed some more and did homework. Some of my flatmates and I decided to get some more food and ordered some Chinese that was also really good. I finished by getting ready for bed and working on some more work.

All and all, it was a nice day. I'll be sure to show you another day in the life in London, this time with some school involved!


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