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Instead of being in Baker's Stacks, I have my own Stacks

I used to love to read books. I remember when I was younger, I would read during lunch, during free time, during class (I got in trouble at some points), and before I would go to bed. Reading allowed me to dive into the worlds of Greek gods, underground cities, and magic tree houses. That love for books morphed into the desire to become a best-selling author, a theme I even wrote about in my Dartmouth application. Unfortunately, high school came, and the hecticness of homework, clubs, and sports increased. I lost that spark of reading, barely picking up a book unless I needed to.

Then came Dartmouth, and with Dartmouth, the spark of reading. And from that spark, a flame. All my classes had readings in which I was exposed to different ideas, experiences, and beliefs. I learned about the gender roles in Italian culture, the pioneering work of Nellie Bly and Ida B. Wells, and the effect of the Silicon Valley on the world. I had an extensive library network just a couple minutes from my dorms, in which I could peruse the stacks of Baker Library right after my classes for a book to read. And my reading was not limited to books, either. As a Dartmouth student, we have free access to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, opening my eyes to a wider world of knowledge. Also, Dartmouth has different news publications, such as the Dartmouth and the Dartmouth Review. I make sure to get copies of both when I can!

Throwback to Hop Salads and the Dartmouth
Throwback to Hop Salads and the Dartmouth!

And even though I can't sit in one of the stacks of Baker, that flame of reading is still there. Reading during this confusing and scary time provides a sense of relief and hope that is desperately needed, especially with having to be at home much more than normal. I have been able to study my Bible more, learning more about my own faith that I hadn't realized before. Also, I recently reopened my Goodreads account (a website that helps me pick and track books) and added many books that I want to read. I have a book on school busing during the 20th century, a book on African Americans during World War 2 in Germany, and many books on Christian apologetics. I can't wait to dive deep into these books through the rest of this term and into the summer!

Saint Augustine's Confessions
One book I bought this term, Confessions by St. Augustine, will be an interesting read!

Even though I am not in Baker, that Dartmouth spirit of reading and learning is alive and well. I'm excited to continue to understand more of this world around me and become a better force of good in it, whether through the works of C.S. Lewis or Frederick Douglass!

Until next time!

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