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Which religious services are offered at Dartmouth? Is there a church or chapel or any other social group to feel connected to your faith?

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There are various services available at Dartmouth! One of my favorite places on campus is Rollins Chapel, which is located in the northeastern corner of the Green. Managed by the Tucker Center (the college's center for religious/spiritual life on campus), Rollins holds various religious services for Christian, Jewish, and Hindi students and residents of the Upper Valley. Not only that, but student groups are able to reserve the chapel for their religious events. For example, one of the organizations I am a part of, Christan Union, reserves the space on Thursday nights for worship sessions. It's a nice time for contemplative worship and prayer, and the aged building provides a sort of comfort.

Outside of Dartmouth, there are various places of worship in the Upper Valley. I go to a church that's only a couple minutes walk from the College, and for those that are farther away, there are definitely carpool options! 

All in all, there are a bunch of different options to have your religious needs fulfilled. For me, I found a strong community of not only student believers but also of believers in the greater Upper Valley area. It has definitely helped enrich my time at college!

*If you want to learn more about religious life on campus, below are links to another post I made about my religious journey and the Tucker Center's website!



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