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Throughout the years here at Dartmouth, I have gotten sick or injured many times. Most of the time, it's just a cold, but once or twice it has been a little bit more serious, such as a potential concussion or COVID. In a lot of these instances though, I have used many resources both at Dartmouth and in the area.

A nice spring day on the Green as I've recover from a cold!
A nice spring day as I've recover from a cold!

Recently, I came down with a cold that seems to be going around campus. This often happens early in the term, as everyone is coming back to campus from all across the world, bringing germs with them. I started to feel sick during the weekend, so I took a couple of COVID tests that I got from the Collis Student Center. After testing negative, I was happy that at least it wasn't COVID. However, I still felt sick, so I went to the local CVS and got some Dayquil. Since I'm a night owl, I appreciate that CVS is open 24/7 for instances like this!

The next day I stopped by the Collis Market, which is a small market inside Collis that has different things like food, school supplies, and medicine. I got some Theraflu, and with a couple of cough drops from my friend, I have been recovering from this sickness. 

I know that if I haven't recovered in a couple of days, I could always go to Dick's House, Dartmouth's student health center. There I often pick up my prescriptions, meet with a nurse if I am feeling ill, and if necessary, can also get tests done. The people at Dick's House are also who you would be talking to if you test positive for COVID, as I did last year.

Thankfully this cold is something that can just be solved with a couple of days of rest and medicine. However, there might be a time when you get really sick, or get injured during your time at Dartmouth. One of my friends had a health scare recently, so he needed to see a doctor quickly. Thankfully, nine minutes away is the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, a large hospital that is affiliated with Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine, our med school. There, he was able to be checked out, and thankfully nothing was seriously wrong with him. 

Nevertheless, it is nice to know that I have multiple resources for if and when I get sick. Just because Dartmouth is in a rural area does not mean we don't have very effective health services!

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