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Family Dinners in A Time of Uncertainty!

Being back home for the past couple of months has allowed for various activities. Whether that is joining a book club to read One Hundred Years of Solitude, having Zoom Bible studies with some hometown friends throughout the week, or just sleeping in, I have been able to stay occupied even during these tumultuous times. However, one activity that has helped keep me and my family sane has been cooking. Every week, each member of my family has the task of cooking dinner for the entire group. The person then has the option to pick whatever dish they want to make. Not only does it spread the work of cooking to everyone, but it also allows us to grow closer together and create new memories.

One of my first recipes: challah bread!
One of my first recipes: challah bread!

For me, I have been trying to cook the foods that I have been craving for a while now. More than once, I have cooked General Tso's Chicken that brings back memories of Han Fusion in Hanover or the Hop's version of the dish. I share stories with my family of life at Dartmouth, helping me keep a piece of college even in quarantine! My family also brings a bunch of delicious recipes to the table. 
A chickpea Kale Salad my oldest Sister made
A chickpea kale salad my oldest sister made!

My sister Raquel is vegetarian, and recipes such as kale chips and veggie burgers have been cooked. The latter reminds me of First-Year Trips, during which we ate them in our Green-to-Go containers. Ram-Don (inspired by us watching Parasite), homemade pizza, and lots and lots of bread also all have frequented our table as we join to eat and talk about our day and the world around us.

A Recipe from my sister's friend from Poland
A recipe from my sister's friend from Poland!

Our family dinners are a constant source of stability in a world where every week has another earth-shattering event. It helps keep our family close and allows us to create new memories and share our own memories and stories!


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