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Homesickness! in London?

Over in London, I have almost a month left of school before I head back to the states. That doesn't seem crazy until you realize that exam season has already started at Dartmouth, and people are already heading home for the term. My fraternity has had its last events, and the Christian groups I am a part of have had their final gatherings. And yet, I am in the middle of my work, focusing on what the university here wants me to accomplish.

This difference between the two spaces I am a part of is more noticeable as the term goes on. I see all the group chats and social media posts, and so I know that I am missing various aspects of campus life. Rush has come and gone, and people have had endless dinners and conversations in places I consider home. And it has made me realize that I am missing Dartmouth. In fact, the biggest regret I have on my study abroad is that, simply, I am not at Dartmouth.

An Adventurer in the UK
An Adventurer in the UK!

However, I do see this as a somewhat blessing. The fact that I have a great program here in London, a great place to live, and amazing experiences, so much so that the only thing I miss is my own college, shows how great of an opportunity students have to study abroad through Dartmouth. I have had so many memorable experiences during my study abroad, including experiences that I will hold near and dear to my heart. 

I think an interesting thing is that in my first year, I wrote a blog post about homesickness. I was a first-year student, with the pandemic, and my later years at Dartmouth were non-existent at that point. I think it is crazy that now the homesickness now is not necessarily with my hometown and my experiences, but with my second home; with Dartmouth. The places that I often miss are not Mechanicsburg and Pennsylvania, but instead the Upper Valley and Hanover. I think this shows just how much Dartmouth becomes a home to its students, allowing us to create roots so deep here that we feel them when we have been away from it for only a little bit!

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