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Does the community ever feel too small? Because there are only about 1,000 students in each class, how do you create a community of familiarity and privacy?

A: Tulio smiling with Dartmouth sweatshirt

Dartmouth is known for its close-knit community of just over 4000 undergraduates, but even in comparison to our other, larger, Ivy siblings, the school feels pretty big! This stems from the fact you are put into an entirely new environment in which you meet 1000 other students from all across the WORLD—from Canada to Brazil to China. And since most likely you do not know any of the students, you get the opportunity to meet new people as soon as you step on campus.

My first year at Dartmouth had a lot of meeting these new people. Through the Christian Union, ROTC, and Dartmouth Apologia, I've made a group of friends that I am sure will grow in later years. And in those groups, that level of the community and closeness can be made, whether on Fridays when I help make free waffles for the community, or Tuesdays after an Apologia meeting when we eat dinner at FOCO. There are plenty of ways to create your community. And even though I was able to get to know a bunch of people, I have probably interacted with only 1/3 of my class. That means I still have three more years to meet even more classmates, including those in the grades above and below me!

People see Dartmouth as the small Ivy that is in the middle of nowhere. That is true, and it's a great attribute. But it's something more than that. It is a place for growth and exploration in a community of scholars from across the world. I encourage you to join!

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