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See you Later Dartmouth

My first year at Dartmouth was a whirlwind. From meeting people from all across the world to working hard in the East Asian Reading Room until after midnight for a paper, I have gained various memories and experiences that have helped define my freshman year at college. Before the hecticness of finals week, I wanted to write down some positives from this year and some things that I want as goals for my sophomore year.

Fall Term Tulio
Fall Term Tulio Ready to Take on Dartmouth

One thing I am proud of myself for doing is interacting with diverse viewpoints. Since Dartmouth pulls in people from the plains of Idaho to the shores of Jamaica to the cities of China, I learned more about the identity and struggles of my fellow classmates. I realized injustice going on in the world, found out about various cultural practices, and learned about the ways different people practice their faith. I'm happy that this year was full of learning, and I hope to continue the conversations that I had throughout my Dartmouth career.

First Winter at Dartmouth
First Winter at Dartmouth!

Looking back at the last three terms, I think one thing I would like to improve on is my time management. With classes, ROTC, and other extracurriculars, I found myself getting overwhelmed, usually during the middle of the term. Growing my discipline of finishing my work on time and with the least amount of stress possible will be a top priority next year. However, while I say this, I'm happy about the improvements I have already made with my time management, whether through my implementation of a daily checklist of by working in short bursts.

Sunset from my Virtual Spring Term
Sunset from my Virtual Spring Term!

This year has gone by too fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was at the Moosilauke Lodge in September during first-year trips, dancing to Mr. Brightside with a bunch of fellow classmates. And though this year didn't end like anyone would have planned for it, I am thankful for the past three terms with the College on the Hill!

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