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What's something you wish you knew about Dartmouth before attending?

A: shuyi

Great question, and I'm sure that's one a lot of prospective and incoming students ask. Personally, I wish I knew how easy it was to meet people so that I wouldn't be so worried about finding a group of friends! However, that's just my answer and so I thought it would be interesting to ask a few of Dartmouth's freshest faces. Since I'm a UGA (undergraduate advisor) this year, I'm living with a bunch of 25's and was able to collect some of their responses! 

Amit: I wish I knew more about the academic flexibility Dartmouth provides! I knew about the liberal arts curriculum, but I didn't know about the other ways Dartmouth encourages us to try new subjects and how easy it is to try a new subject. For example, I'm taking a music class without any music background, but I'm getting through it (and enjoying it) with the help of more experienced upperclassmen. The NRO is also a great option, which allows you to set a minimum grade before it becomes "non-recording"! 

Joe: I wish I knew about how much free time we have to explore extracurricular options here. I thought I would be buried in my classes, but since we only take three classes a term, I find that I can explore clubs and sports. Since it's my first time at Dartmouth, I'm really enjoying exploring different interests and meeting all the cool people around campus. 

Grace: I wish I knew about the history before attending! I really felt Dartmouth's history as soon I stepped into my dorm, and have loved learning more about it ever since. Did you know our school newspaper, the Dartmouth, is America's oldest college newspaper? I was amazed when I learned about this the other day, and had a great time reading the first issue with some friends. I can't wait to learn more about the school's history and traditions! 

Jess: As someone who brought only fall clothes this term, I wish I knew how cold it gets early on! Although the chilly weather means I'll have to make my parents ship an extra layer or two, I've been loving the famous New Hampshire foliage that's popping up around campus. Getting to see different shades of orange, red and yellow on the trees is truly a breathtaking sight and something I welcome, despite the cold! 

As you can see, there's a lot of different perspectives on what people wish they knew about Dartmouth before attending! No matter how many responses I collect, I'm sure you'll find your own pleasant surprises when you come to campus, so my main piece of advice would just to be excited and be prepared for anything! You never know what you'll find in Hanover. 

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