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Hi all, and welcome to the second edition of Through the Lens! This is a series through which I showcase the work of Dartmouth students from all corners of campus. This week, I interviewed Aadhya Kocha '22, an intern at Dartmouth's Sustainability Office who hails from Mumbai, a coastal city of India. Read below for a personal insight into sustainability at Dartmouth.


What does sustainability mean to you?

"This is a question whose answer often changes and evolves for me. As of now, I believe that sustainability is about the environment and all the connotations people have of it but is also inclusive of people around us as well as future generations. By being sustainable, people can grow collectively with each other, the environment and all the people to come who will be grateful for all the wonderful resources that exist today. Sustainability for me then can include all the different issues that I am passionate about, including the environment, diversity, and female equality."

What do Sustainability Interns do?

"There is a wide range of initiatives we all take up to create sustainable change on campus surrounding waste, energy, bikes and more. Last year, as an EcoRep, I learned design thinking to create change on campus through a video series we made which scattered information across campus on how to be sustainable easily. This year, we are trying to help many more students get involved with this awesome cause early on in their Dartmouth careers to be able to be the change-makers that we know Dartmouth students have the potential to be."

Why did you become a Sustainability Intern?

"Ever since middle school I have been really passionate about the environment and worked a lot to contribute to rainwater harvesting in drought-prone parts of India. Coming to Dartmouth where everything was so different, the sustainability department kind of felt like home as a comfort zone but also because the people were so nice and welcoming and the motto of the office stuck with me. Ever since then, I have always wanted to stay connected."


The movement for sustainable practices at Dartmouth is driven by passionate students like Aadhya. Every year, interns design and implement campus-wide projects, such as the Green2Go food system—which eliminated the average of 400 containers sent into landfills every meal period.

To learn more about Sustainability at Dartmouth, follow this link.

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