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Hi all,

Spring term is almost over. Taking classes online has been interesting. At the start of the term, I wasn't excited about it if I'm being honest; however, now that I look back I realize that I actually learned a lot despite the format and everything going on in the world. We are all in tough situations, and it's going to be a while until life returns to normal. 

But personally, I don't think I want my life to go back to the exact same it was four months ago. Being alone with my thoughts as a result of quarantine made me realize that I took lots of things for granted—the simple things. I took for granted sitting in the library—in First Floor Berry—with my friends as we bumped out essays, pulled all-nighters, and just chatted about life. I took for granted the line at King Arthur Flour (also known as KAF), which always seemed to be just a bit too long for me to stop by in between classes. And I took for granted the ability to see my friends at a moment's notice. So, when life goes back to normal, I hope we can all go back with a new sense of appreciation for the little things—I hope we can all live in the moment and make the best out of everything.

To the Class of 2024: Your first year of college will be like no other. You will start your college career in the midst of a pandemic—this will create many challenges, but be resilient and remember that in the Dartmouth community we support one another no matter the distance. 

To current Dartmouth students: Make the rest of your college experience count. Enjoy every moment and make memories to last a lifetime. We get only four short years as students; so, be grateful for the little things that make Dartmouth so special.

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