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Where can you eat on campus?

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There are 5 primary places to eat on campus: FoCo, Collis, the Hop, Ramekin, and Novack. All menus can be found online at Dartmouth Dining!

FoCo (whose official name is Class of 1953 Commons) is the only all-you-can-eat / buffet-style dining hall on campus. The first floor is divided into the "light" and "dark" sides—the light side is a favorite for people grabbing a bite or groups of friends having Sunday brunch together whereas the dark side is most popularly known to be frequented by athletic teams after / before / in-between practices. Upstairs are more booths and quieter places to eat and relax. I love going there during the weekends to study for long periods of time! The food itself is diverse and constantly rotating. Stations include the vegetarian station, Kosher station, grill, pizza, salad bar, etc. 

Collis is our student center, housing places such as One Wheelock (a basement-café with free coffee), many meeting rooms for student clubs, Collis Meeting Ground, and Collis Market. It also has Collis Café, which serves smoothies, acai bowls, salads, stir-fry, soups, omelets, late night junk food, and various entrees that rotate throughout the year. The most famous part of Collis, however, is the pasta—people base their eating schedules off of when the line is the shortest! Collis Café seats maybe around 50 people max, with a range of tables and a few couches. I came here often during my freshman year when getting a bite to eat with upperclassmen friends.

The Hop (so called because it is located in the Hopkins Center for the Arts) is a grill whose french fries, salads, and quesadillas are common culprits for people's answer to the question: What is your favorite dining hall on campus? They also have great macaroni and cheese! There are a few tables here for groups of friends, and many tables that seat two or four people. During lunch time, the Hop gets very busy and you can wait 30 minutes for a burger; however, new developments such as the GET app make it easy to order your food in advance. I often get a late lunch here and study in the art museum lobby. 

Ramekin and Novack are the two smaller cafés on campus. Ramekin is near the Life Sciences Center and Novack is in the Baker-Berry library. They both serve around the same fare: Starbucks coffee, pre-made sandwiches, cookies, muffins, etc. There is also a large range of packaged food, such as snacks, drinks, and salads / sandwiches. Many people come here for their daily caffeine dose. It is also extremely common to grab food here when you're on a studying grind, so watch out for long lines during finals period!

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