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Tower Room of Baker Library at night with two students working on their computers

Hellooo! It has been a hot minute since I posted a new blog and since I have been on campus. I have spent my time doing internships/fellowships and spending time with loved ones and it is good to be back! Upon returning, I was really worried about dreading being back on campus. However, I have been happily surprised to find joys of happiness in so many aspects of Dartmouth. Keep reading to learn all about what I didn't realize I missed and loved until I came back to campus!

  1. Waffles w/ Nutella and bananas for breakfast during the weekends. There is something so nice about this combination! I love being able to wake up on the weekends and head to our dining hall, Class of '53 Commons (FOCO), to grab some waffles and enjoy a light and delicious meal during a quiet morning. Because it is the weekend, FOCO tends to be a bit emptier before 10:30 AM and I love to soak the sun next to the big windows while eating a light breakfast and watching a Netflix show.
  2. The different lectures and program opportunities that Dartmouth has to offer through clubs, classes, departments, centers, and more! Every day there is something new being advertised in my emails. This term I am trying to learn more about social entrepreneurship so I am enrolled in the first-ever program for the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate through the Magnuson Center. Other opportunities to learn come from career lunches with alumni that are organized by the Rockefeller (Rocky) Center or art exhibits curated by the Hood Museum.  
  3. Tower Room of Baker Library. Just look at this lighting and view! I love being surrounded by so many bookshelves, and at night I can see several students heading there to write assignments, watch lectures, take notes, etc., and still be quiet while doing it! It is a perfect spot that is both aesthetically pleasing and helps me focus. Also, during the day, you get a front view of the Green ("the pedestrian hub of the campus") and it is beautiful rain or shine! 
  4. Dartmouth's desserts! FOCO always has a good selection of desserts. There are biggg chunks of rice krispies and they have all types of cakes like lemon cake, marble, New York cheesecake, and more. Also, their ice cream and toppings' station never misses. I know that I can always satisfy my sweet tooth at FOCO if I ever need to. 
  5. Living Learning Communities (LLC). This is my first term living in an LLC, specifically La Casa, and it has only been a week so far but I am really loving it. Living Learning Communities can be based on language, identities, or shared interests and work to provide a space and scheduled programs for residents and/or the Dartmouth community. This spring, I am living in a single in La Casa and love coming home to a building that is smaller than a dorm and feels more like home. Stay tuned for my next blog posts, as I will possibly be giving a house tour! :)

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