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A photo of Judge Hall!
A photo of a dorm room in Judge hall!
Picture of Judge Hall in the fall
Photo of a desk in judge common room

River dorms!

This past summer when I was given my room assignment of a three room double, I did what any sane person would do; try and find out what my dorm looked like. I found approximately one example of a three room double. And I vowed that if I ever became a blogger I would show anyone bestowed with the rarity of a three room double just what they were in for. 

The river dorms (French and Judge) are located near the Connecticut River, and the community in these dorms is unbeatable. I really enjoy knowing everyone on my floor and I love coming back to a tight-knit community after a long day. 

There are three types of dorms in the river. Singles, two room doubles, and three room doubles. A three room double consists of 3 rooms; a common room with two desks, and two rooms with beds and dressers. This delicacy of a room is perfect for those who like having their own space but still also want to have a roommate. My roommate and I even have a small couch in the common room. Safe to say if you are given a three room double that you will have a lot of space. 

My dorm is about an 8 minute walk from the center of campus and about a 5 minute walk to the river. It is so nice to be in such close proximity to the water during the beginning of the fall term and when it gets warm again in the spring. I can't wait to go tan and take dips. There are also picnic tables behind the river dorms where I sometimes sit and do work. It's very peaceful by the river; the woods are right outside your window. My favorite part of my dorm are the beautiful red trees right outside my window. 

The river dorms are in the West House community, which is great at hosting events and planning trips. Recently they sent students to the Harvard vs. Dartmouth football game, hosted a pizza making dinner at the O-farm, hosted interesting speakers, and much more!

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