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Just under a year since my last time calling Hanover home, I will be resuming classes and student life on campus again -- a little older, a little wiser, and yet no less excited to be able to fall countless times while attempting to ice skate. Upper Valley winter, here I come.

I'm excited to be writing to you all again as I document campus life during the COVID-era. While I spent fall in the beautiful city of New Orleans, as I described repeatedly, there's something about the charm of campus that supercharges the student experience, and when I was given the opportunity to signal my interest in returning to campus, my friends and I couldn't resist. Over the term, I'm so excited to document everything and, as always, to pad my blog with as many snow-covered Green pics as possible. As you can see from my cover photo, taken from my backyard, I'm a little pressed for the seasons at the moment (but never for coffee!). Rest assured: winter is coming.

As my sophomore winter, this marks the term where I'll finally be able to formally declare my major. At Dartmouth, you don't have to declare a major until your fifth term. The liberal arts is very much about exploring -- to imagine myself as a Government/Classics major at Dartmouth (which I had originally written on my college application) is almost unthinkable at this point. I didn't foresee Linguistics and all of these other, smaller departments stealing my heart when I stepped onto campus for the first time, but since I've been here I've had the unique pleasure of fully embracing these new fields of study. Dartmouth expects you to change your mind! Part of the liberal arts is being encouraged to try things, both familiar and unfamiliar, and I think that Dartmouth also wants us to change our minds. For some, they have their college trajectories mapped out, but treating this time as a kind of impromptu road trip when it comes to picking classes will most definitely surprise you -- can't recommend it enough.

This term, I'm taking a class on language revitalization, one on the linguistic study of semantics and pragmatics, and a course that studies the intersection between Native Americans, Native literature, and the legal system. While I haven't stopped reading since classes started, I'm so excited to be able to broaden my horizons and learn from professors both old and new. All of my classes are synchronous, but considering all my lectures start after lunchtime which gives me the opportunity to sleep in whenever I want, I'm excited. It's the little things, guys.

When I arrive on campus, my classmates and I will partake in a weeklong quarantine before we're allowed to leave our rooms -- for our safety! But when we get there, Dartmouth has planned a ton of programming to allow us to enjoy as much of Dartmouth life as possible, as safely as possible. While the precautions mean that this won't be a traditional Dartmouth campus term by any stretch, I'll be seeing friends I haven't seen for a year now (how is that possible?) and being able to study in my favorite libraries and on-campus cafe spots. I wouldn't trade that opportunity for anything. See you all so soon!

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