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What volunteer/community service opportunities are available for students at Dartmouth?

A: Bryanna Entwistle '23

In high school, service was an exceptionally important part of my experience, so when I was picking a college, I wanted to find one that prioritized both local engagement and international development initiatives. With the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact (DCSI), Dartmouth checked both of those boxes. Many of my friends are engaged in the Center for Social Impact's local volunteerism programs like DREAM, Outdoor Leadership Experience (OLE), and SIBS – youth mentoring programs for students to partner with schools and community organizations to create holistic approaches to youth growth, development, and learning. My friend Abigail Roberts '23 from Miami, a volunteer with DREAM, reflected on her experience mentoring local youth, saying "you really get to see the impact that coming to DREAM every Friday has on the kids, as you get to watch them grow from week to week and even term to term." Another friend of mine, Arabella McGowan '23 of Memphis, commented on the Foundations of Social Impact Fellowship program that she's engaged in. "In Foundations, we spend the winter term on a "social impact tour" of campus interacting with different parts of Dartmouth like Rauner Library, the Hood, and the Tiltfactor game lab to see how they each play a role in social impact. During the spring term, we work on a consulting project for a local nonprofit. It's been rewarding to see Dartmouth through this lens and to gain exposure to the Upper Valley through our project."

This summer, I applied and was accepted to the DSCI Summer Internship Program. Each summer, the program pairs Dartmouth students with non-profit ogranizations focusing on social impact in San Francisco, public health in Boston, and poverty alleviation in Philadelphia. A group of around 15 Dartmouth students live together for 10 weeks as they intern with the organizations that they are matched with, and they are also matched with a Dartmouth alumni intern in the area. Needless to say, the internship will look a little bit different this summer as I will be interning from my own home. I was matched with Philabundance, Philadelphia's largest hunger relief organization, and am super excited to grow my engagement with development work this summer.

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