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Did you experience culture shock when you first arrived at Dartmouth? If so, what type of culture shock did you experience (i.e. was it relating to socioeconomic classes, ethnicities, etc) and how did you deal with it?

A: Tulio smiling with Dartmouth sweatshirt

Great question!

I think it would definitely depend on the person. In my experience, I came from a majority-white area, and so being around more people who looked like me was definitely different! However, I think a common occurrence of culture shock is with the reality that everyone at Dartmouth is really smart and successful. There are smart computer programmers, proficient writers, excellent speakers, creative engineers, practically professional athletes, and so much more. For me, that reality that I'm going to college with all these talented people was a culture shock, and it definitely led me to believe that I was just average and not talented. This response was normal, but it was important not only to realize my own worth and accomplishments but that I didn't put my identity into those accomplishments. It was also important to focus on doing my best, not necessarily being the best, something my dad always tells me.

So yeah! Not being the smartest person in the room is a culture shock that many Dartmouth students go through. But that's okay! As long as I know my worth, that's all that matters.

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