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What type of social events do students commonly attend (football games, outings, etc.)?

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Short answer: A BUNCH!

Long answer: Because of the location, there is a stereotype that Dartmouth doesn't have that many things for a student to do when they aren't doing schoolwork (which should be a top priority!). Fortunately, there are many different social events for students. First off, the College provides many different events for students to attend. Through the Collis Center, you can find yourself engaged in a variety of activities, such as rollerblading in an indoor rink, having a dance party with your fellow classmates, or even painting!

Another type of social event would be House community events. Each student, before they enter Dartmouth, is placed into a House in which they stay in for their four years here (West House Best House!). The housing communities put on various different events, whether that be cookouts, escape rooms, or even trips! In the fall, I went to New York City with my Housing Community to see the Dartmouth-Princeton football game. It was a very fun experience, and I made many memories on that trip!

Clubs/organizations on campus put on events for students, and those can be very fun as well! For example, during Homecoming (a great time to watch the Football team play), Agape, a Christian group on campus, held a free boba tea event for all to come and have some good boba! It was a nice time to just chat and replenish after walking around the bonfire on the green! Another popular organization is the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC). The DOC organizes many trips for students, such as hiking on Mount Moosilauke or in the Second College Grant. Students can also rent out one of the many cabins the DOC maintains, something that I am planning on doing sometime this term or next!

These are just a few types of events that students can do while here at Dartmouth; I barely scratched the surface. But overall, there are many things you can do to have fun as a college student here!

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