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A snapshot of Professor Delmont's lecture!

There are many different modes of learning on campus. Obviously, you learn a lot in your classes from your professors, or from the readings assigned. And the idea of learning from your fellow students definitely rings true. However, another mode of learning stems from public talks available for students. Dartmouth brings in a lot of well-known speakers, from leaders in politics such as Black Panther Founder Bobby Seale to leaders of religious groups like Presiding Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church. These speakers are available to students to hear from and provide a unique teaching experience in wide range of subjects. Not only that, but faculty often have talks for students and the wider Dartmouth community to showcase their work.

Fun fact, both Professor Delmont and Professor Chee are my major advisors!
Fun fact, both Professor Delmont and Professor Chee are my major advisors!

Just recently, I went to two different events with Professor Matt Delmont and Professor Alexander Chee, professors in the History and English & Creative Writing departments, respectively. Both recently published books, with Professor Delmont writing

Half American: The Epic Story of African Americans Fighting World War II at Home and Abroad. His book looks at the experiences of African American soldiers in World War II and their struggle in the "Double V" campaign, a push for defeating fascism abroad and racism at home. He spoke on this topic in a speech open to the public, with time for answering questions regarding his research. In the end, I was able to get a copy of his book, and am really looking forward to learning about this history!

Got a copy of "Best American Essays" for further reading!
Got a copy of "Best American Essays" for further reading!

Professor Chee edited

The Best American Essays, a yearly anthology of moving essays from a collection of writers. Four of the writers spoke on their essays and even read from them, with time as well to answer questions from the audience. Afterwards, there was an afterparty at a local bookstore, where you could chat with the authors one-on-one, an exciting experience for someone like me studying Creative Writing!

These two events are just a small picture of the various opportunities Dartmouth students have to learn from experts in various fields, and it is a great way to pursue knowledge outside of your classes.

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