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For those who are away/have been away from campus: what do you miss most about Hanover and Dartmouth?

A: Tulio smiling with Dartmouth sweatshirt

In a famous Supreme Court case, Dartmouth College v. Woodward, Daniel Webster uttered the famous quote of Dartmouth: "It is a small college, and yet there are those who love it!"

During the six months I've been away from campus because of COVID, I really realized how much I missed campus. In my first year at Dartmouth, I was still getting adjusted to the hecticness of college life. The increase of homework, the classes, the homesickness, all hit me hard and made me want at times to be back home. However, the past year changed that--I realized what made Dartmouth what it was to me.

The first thing I missed was the campus itself. Dartmouth has such a beautiful campus, with so many trees and endless areas to just sit and rest for a little bit. Every season has its perks, whether it is the sunny days on the Green, or the silent winter nights when the snow is falling gently on Webster Avenue.

The second thing I missed where the intellectually stimulating conversations I had with people. During my sophomore fall term, I had endless conversations that often went late into the night that went from politics, religion, psychology, and more. I got to learn more about my fellow classmates--about their lives, their passions, their goals, and their fears. It gave me a way to grow closer to those around me, and the conversations that I had I will never forget.

This pandemic has taught me a lot of things. And one of the lessons has been to cherish the college I attend. So whenever I leave to go home for break, I now remember to be thankful for the time I get to spend at Dartmouth.

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