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How is the experience at Dartmouth as an international student?

A: shuyi

As someone who grew up in Montreal and Shanghai, I definitely know that it's like to come to a new country and start school as an international student. Like most schools, however, Dartmouth does a great job of making sure international students have the resources and support groups they need to succeed. Your experience as an international student starts off with First-Year Trips like all the other students, but then you go through your own international student orientation. This is a great time to meet some international mentors, ask any questions you might have, and meet a group of friends. Personally, I already felt acquainted with Dartmouth once the regular orientation began, as I had asked all my questions during international orientation. After orientation, students have International Student Advising, Visa and Immigration Services, and your International Mentor to count on for support throughout your time at Dartmouth. You can also meet other international students through the International Students Association, the Korean Students Association, etc. I've written about all this before, so check out my blog post here for more!

Although I had studied in the US prior to coming to Dartmouth, a lot of my other international student friends felt a culture shock during their first few months at the school. I know they were able to find comfort by making friends from their home country, enjoying their local cuisine at Foco (our dining hall), and of course connecting with their friends and family back home. I think most international students go through this adjustment period, but Dartmouth's warm community and sense of togetherness really helps to get you through it. Something I love about Dartmouth is that even if you're an international student, you naturally become friends with students from other countries. I've seen that some of my friends at bigger universities have just stuck to their own group of friends who all speak the same language and share the same culture. However, since Dartmouth is a smaller college where community is emphasized, you get to know people from nearby and from far away. I've made friends with students from every continent, and although I considered myself a global student coming into the school, my eyes have been opened to a lot more cultures by talking to people from all around the world. Although I wouldn't say your Dartmouth experience will be the same as an international student as it would be if you were from the United States, I can reassure you that you'll enjoy just a great of an experience and never feel like you're held back by the country you're from. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to one of our current students here!

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