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Hi. I was wondering if you guys have a newspaper. Also, if you don't have Journalism as a major or minor, can you still participate in the newspaper?

A: shuyi

Hey, thanks for submitting a question! Yes, we actually have several newspapers on campus so if you're interested in journalism, you'll have no trouble finding a group that you'll love working with. The main newspaper on campus is the Dartmouth, which is actually the oldest college newspaper in the United States. Being the oldest of anything is always pretty cool, so getting the opportunity to write an article for the Dartmouth is definitely something to look forward to. Like a lot of college newspapers, each print issue of the Dartmouth is spread around campus for students to read and discuss, and I usually end up talking to my friends about at least one article. Of course, there's also a website you can visit for the Dartmouth's online articles here. Although I'm not personally involved with the Dartmouth, a lot of my friends are and they've all mentioned how fun and structured the organization is. 

Other than the Dartmouth, we have a few other newspaper organizations on campus. The Dartmouth Review is a conservative newspaper for the college that you can check out here, while the Jack-O-Lantern is a satirical newspaper that also has a website you can visit. These are the main newspaper groups on campus, but there are some other field-specific newspaper organizatinos that you can explore as well, such as the Dartmouth Business Journal. As you can see, anyone interested in journalism will be able to explore their passion through a variety of options. And to answer the second part of your question, these organizations are open to everyone and actually pretty easy to get involved with. Although we don't have a journalism major, that shouldn't turn you away from coming to Dartmouth! According to the Dartmouth, alumni have gone on to work for at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN and more. Getting a liberal arts education means that you can not only explore your interests, but employers are also generally pretty open to giving you a shot even if you don't have a pre-professional background in the area. 

If you want to learn more about our newspaper organizations, feel free to explore the websites I've scattered around which have some articles and social medias you can look at. You can also reach out to a student through our Connect with a Student program, where we have some aspiring journalists. Finally, I'd like to mention that although we don't have a journalism major, we definitely have some journalism classes you can take! 

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