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Since this spring is my last before graduation, I decided to enroll in some courses outside of my comfort zone. During my first two years of college, I decided to knock out prerequisites and explore my interests to figure out what I liked. Now, I am one course away from completing my economics major and had two free slots to take any course I liked! So, without further ado, here is my spring term course load.

ECON 37: Family and Gender Economics

This course dives into the roles of women and men in today's economy and the trade-offs faced by households. It falls under the labor track of the economics major (which is the one I'm pursuing), so it's a great way to wrap up my studies and apply all I've learned into a new topic. The workload consists of discussions, a few exams, and a presentation, so each week is different from the last. I highly recommend it!

LACS 24: Mexican Cinema

This term is the first time I have ever taken a course in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) department. It's been my goal for a while, so I'm happy I finally got the chance! LACS 24 covers topics in filmmaking practices, Mexican film history, aesthetics and business concerns, and audiences inside and outside of Mexico. Generally, we watch two films per week and discuss them both in person and through online posts, in addition to readings and in-class lectures. I think everyone should give this class a shot — watching movies is a fun way to do homework.

PSYC 50.09: Motivation, Drugs, and Addiction

Last but not least, I am taking a neuroscience course that explores how the brain controls our motivation to pursue goals and how drugs of abuse hijack those systems. I took the prerequisite for the class my first-year fall, so I'm a little rusty on some topics and needed some review, but so far it's been a great class. There are ten units in total (one for each week), covering brain mechanisms and the effects of narcotic drugs like opioids, stimulants, alcohol, and cannabis, and also dive into some policy implications for these substances. It's super interesting and I've wanted to take it for a while, so I'm happy it's off my bucket list.

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