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A group picture with friends at Concord

Sophomore year.

You're no longer the bright-eyed and bushy tailed freshman nor are you the formidable junior/senior. After the first year of college, you've gotten a taste of the course load, picked up a few tips and tricks here and there, possibly stumbled upon some new interests, and watched people come and go in your life. It's that phase where you're still figuring out who you are and where you belong.  

Definitely one of the biggest things we start to think about in sophomore year is what we want to major/minor in. Some of us begin college knowing exactly what we want to study. Others may have a vague idea or no clue at all, which is COMPLETELY fine! Whether you fall into any of the three, one thing for certain is that you'll have plenty of opportunities to dabble with a variety of interests in your freshmen year and through sophomore year. Dartmouth's distributive requirements ensure students complete courses across the liberal arts so you will be challenged outside of your comfort zone whether you consider yourself a "STEM" or "humanities" person.

Something I like to remind myself is that there is always time for me to try something new or even revisit a long-lost passion. Through sophomore year, you'll start to narrow down a list of major options you can see yourself pursuing in the long run. Be open to inspiration! Maybe it'll be a professor who had a strong impact on you, a class you didn't particularly think too much into, a research project you're hoping to get involved with, or a club activity you find yourself completely immersed in. There really is no better time to get to know and talk to your professors, undergraduate advisors, upperclassmen, and friends than during sophomore year. The resources and networks around you want to build you up, see you thrive and succeed, not to scare you away or limit your potential.

Beyond academics and extra-curricular activities, sophomore year is a time when you're continuing to find your identity and how you "fit-in." The friends you make during your freshman fall might not be the ones who you find yourself with in a year. The places you enjoy going to and the things that you enjoy doing might not have the same charm to them after some time. You'll surprise yourself with the quirks, traits, and even talents that you never knew you had. I encourage and challenge you to embrace them. Be kind to yourself and embrace that you're growing and evolving. As a college sophomore, you might not know where you're headed or when you'll get there. But it's an exciting time to keep building on the day before and be inspired by your intuition and creativity, all the while trusting that you're investing in yourself and becoming better every day.

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