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Connecticut River surrounded by trees

This term, I've discovered the profound joy of immersing myself in nature, especially as a soothing counterbalance to academic life at Dartmouth.

Every weekend, I explore these scenic surroundings either through leisurely walks or invigorating hikes with friends. Dartmouth's proximity to diverse natural beauties — from trails to rivers — enriches this experience, making each adventure easily accessible and endlessly rewarding. In this blog post, I'd like to share some photos of nature near Dartmouth. As the seasons change, I look forward to continuing this journey of discovery, reminded of the lasting impact that connecting with nature has on my overall college experience and personal growth.

Connecticut River View from Pine Park
Pine Park view

My dorm (the Choates) is conveniently located next to Occom Pond, the other side of which is Pine Park. This proximity makes Pine Park my go-to place on weekends. When I get too busy and don't have time for longer day hikes with the Dartmouth Outing Club, I will go on walks at Pine Park, either walking alongside the creeks or sitting on a bench facing the Connecticut River, enjoying the view and the fresh breeze.

Connecticut River View from Vermont at night
View of the Connecticut River from Vermont at Night

This picture has an interesting story behind it — last Friday evening, my friends and I decided to take a walk by the river. Crossing the Ledyard Bridge, we entered Vermont and walked alongside the river, enjoying the stars shining brightly above and the reflections of our campus on the river.

Deers at college park
Deers at college park

Another weekend, I went on a walk with my close friend and People Places Pines colleague Kalina Duncheva to the college park that is located next to her dorm (the Fayes). We wandered in the woods, chasing the last rays of the day. We also met a group of baby deer joyfully playing on the hill. The gorgeous sunset, soft evening breeze, and adorable deer were a gentle reminder of the wonders that lie just outside our doors. 

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