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The Student Wellness Center

Hey folks! I am currently in week three of the fall term, and classes are picking up speed! Before the term started, I made it a goal of mine to utilize the many resources I had to learn how to become a better student and person. Therefore, now that the pace is picking up, I decided to take the first steps in achieving my goal and wanted to share how I have been working towards achieving it.

Changing from a high school to college education is difficult, but The Academic Skills Center has made this transition a bit less stressful and is very supportive to all students. Their website has so numerous resources such as printable planners, note-taking advice, learning strategies, remote services, etc. I have utilized their planners and also focused on reading about the strategies they share to become more engaging in my classes. Something I have also found very helpful is making an appointment with staff members from the center and working with them to solve any issues that may pose a threat to my studies. For instance, I was able to talk about how I could create a better sleeping pattern and focus on Zoom classes and combat Zoom fatigue. It feels comforting knowing that despite having professors, classmates, and tutors to rely on, I can count on another group of people who are willing to help.  

Despite the academic challenges that students face, many also face the challenge of having to adapt to a new culture and environment. A lot of students have more issues to worry about than just their academic journey, which is why it is important to allow ourselves time to breathe and reflect on how we are doing. As I previously mentioned, I wanted to focus on taking care of myself when times were stressful but also being more in tune with my life rather than just feeling as if I'm breezing through everything. Oftentimes, it is easy to lose yourself to all of your responsibilities and forget to give yourself some time to reflect on what you have experienced. The Student Wellness Center is the perfect resource whenever you want to vent or talk to someone, which is what I did. I had realized that there were so many emotions I was going through while transitioning to Dartmouth that I scheduled an appointment for a "Wellness Check-In." This time allowed me to meet with a trained, non-judgmental listener, and share both good and bad things! It was exactly what I needed! The session allowed me to reflect on what I am excited for, stressed about, and just be more in tune with my emotions. It's helped me have a sense of balance, and for that, I am thankful. 

I know there are lots of steps I still have to take to become my best version of a student and person, but it feels very fulfilling to know that I am trying to improve. It can be strange asking for help and setting time aside for these activities; however, they can be helpful and benefit you in the long run.

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