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What is financial aid like for international students?

A: shuyi

Financial aid is a sensitive topic, which is why you might not see a lot of blogs about the subject. However, it's an important topic for many students to think about during the college process, and that's especially true for international students who are committing to leaving their home country for the United States. Although Dartmouth has a website for international students on financial aid, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. Part of the reason financial aid is such a sensitive topic is because everyone has a unique situation, which is why I'll answer this question by sharing the perspectives of a few international students on aid & affordability.

Starting with me, I wouldn't have thought that I would be able to write about affordability coming into Dartmouth, since I'm not on financial aid. However, I've since taken advantage of several opportunities that Dartmouth provides for students to make extra income during their time here. This year, I'm doing research on a Presidential Scholarship, which means that Undergraduate Advising and Research will be paying me a stipend of $1000/term. My on-campus jobs as a Undergraduate Advisor and Admissions Communications Intern also pay well, as I'm able to make around five figures during the school year. All these opportunities have been super accessible as an international student, and the only difference has been that I have to fill out a few extra forms to get set up. Furthermore, I've been able to find opportunities that also allow me to develop personally and professionally, which is awesome!

I also talked to one of my best friends here about financial aid, who is an international student from Turkey. My friend told me that Dartmouth provides him with enough financial aid that tuition is affordable for his parents, and that he is able to further support them through student work authorization. Student work authorization is basically just a fancy term that references to all the job opportunities we have available on campus, and my friend has taken advantage of them having worked as a tutor, grader, cashier and more during his time here. 

Finally, I asked a friend from Africa what he wished he knew about international aid & affordability before applying. His answer was that although it seems daunting and sometimes impossible to be able to make the trip to the United States, Dartmouth actually provides a lot of resources (financial and otherwise) to make it all possible. Since everyone's situation is different, I encourage you to reach out to an Admissions Officer if you have further questions. However, I do hope hearing from a few international students at Dartmouth was helpful! 


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