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Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture

It's an exciting time of year at Dartmouth. We are celebrating winter's beauty with a week full of parties, winter sports, and an array of awesome events. As a member of the Winter Carnival Council, I know a bit about what is going on this week; so, here is the inside scoop…

The Theme

This year's theme is A Blizzard of Unbelievable Beasts–a celebration of cryptids across different cultures. From the Yeti, to the Loch Ness Monster, to the timeless Mothman, we have it all. 

Opening Ceremony

We kicked off Winter Carnival with a short celebration in the Collis Center for Student Involvement. Aside from a reception with an appetizer bar and snow cones, we had an acapella performance and a guest speaker–Professor Pfister of the Psychology Department–who spoke about the origins of lore, and why we believe it. We also had a photo booth with some sweet props. 

WC Buddies

The Events

Every Winter Carnival, we have events catered to students, alumni, and Hanover residents. Some of our most famous ones include the Polar Bear Swim, Human Dog Sledding, and the Ice Sculpture Contest. The Polar Bear Swim takes place at Occom Pond–in near-zero degree weather, hundreds of students decide to make the swim across icy waters in bathing suits with a rope around their waists. It is bold, and crazy, but most Dartmouth students do this at least once in their four years of college. Human Dog Sledding takes place in the middle of the green at the start of the weekend. There's plenty of snow on the ground–the conditions are perfect! Lastly, there is the ice sculpture contest. Anyone can participate in this event, though we mostly see student organizations participate–the Jack-O-Lantern and sports teams, for example. These are the main events, but there is more happening than I can mention here–it'll be fun!

Bigfoot Race
Bigfoot Snowshoe Race!

Scavenger Hunt

This year, it was my job to hide small, plush Yetis all over campus as part of our scavenger hunt. Each Yeti corresponds to a prize, which can be anything from a free winter carnival t-shirt to a Yeti tumbler. They're not hard to find, so keep an eye out and you may be a winner!

That's about it! Winter Carnival is a great time to be on campus. So, if you are around, come to one of our events and celebrate with us! Also, if you get the chance as a Dartmouth student, be sure to check out the Winter Carnival Council–Winter Carnival is largely student-run, and we love new members!

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