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Love Tsai in front of Baker Tower

Hello, hello, hello!

Taiwan at Night
Taiwan is a beautiful place! I highly recommend everyone to visit, see the sights, meet some lovely people, and eat delicious food.
My name is Love Tsai and I am so excited for this year! I am the "Love" on Dartmouth's campus and hope to spread a little cheer wherever I go. I am a freshman hailing from lovely Michigan, about an hour away from both Detroit and Ann Arbor. As you peruse People Places Pines, I hope that my words can answer your questions, resonate with you regardless of what stage you're at in the college application process, and shed light on the many layers of Dartmouth!

Here is a little bit more about me: I am a first-generation American with parents from Taiwan, an island near China and Japan. I've lived in Michigan my whole life, and though the climate is similar to Hanover's, I've never had to walk outside for more than 5 minutes at a time so I am a little bit worried about Dartmouth winters.

What else? I am an identical twin, with a twin sister at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Though Dartmouth's Class of 2023 has 7 (!) sets of twins this year, we are not one of them.

A View of Detroit
I'm from Metro-Detroit! I often go into the city and absolutely love the vibe of Michigan and Detroiters, in particular.
Outside of academics, I absolutely love the performing arts: dance, voice, musical theater, etc. I also enjoy reading and writing (hence my involvement with the blog), community service, and research, which is just a fancy way to say discovering new things! Major-wise, I am currently on the pre-med track but otherwise undecided. In fact, one of the many reasons that I chose Dartmouth is because of the liberal arts focus and our 10 distributive requirements which give me the opportunity to explore the world and still be productive. A comparative literature major can explore the hard sciences and a math major can take Acting 1, all while getting the credits needed to graduate. Incidentally, these two majors are actually two of 20 that I am currently still considering.


Class of 2023's Shared Academic Experience
This lecture on the very first picture of a black hole was also my first lecture at Dartmouth! Exploring the unknown, a sentiment found both in astrophysics and in daily life, is such a big part of the undergraduate experience, and something that I can't wait to do.
When I'm not running around trying to sate my curiosity, I love listening to Asian pop and musicals, watching k-dramas, and doing art. If not already evident through this post, I am an enthusiastic and engaged person always looking to broaden my horizons or deepen connections I've already made. I was actually homeschooled from middle school through high school, and I credit my wide array of interests, both academic and extracurricular, to my schooling history. Yes, there are so many layers to my story, something that you will find holds true for every person at Dartmouth. If you are interested in seeing how I traverse my undergraduate years at Dartmouth, stay tuned! I'm just as curious as you are. 

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