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A sign in front of Robinson hall welcomes 23's to campus

Congratulations on being accepted to Dartmouth! Some of you have already committed, while some of you may be on the fence. I remember getting my regular decision acceptance to Dartmouth four years ago, and struggling to make the right decision. Looking back, I couldn't have made a better choice. For those of you who are still deciding, I thought it could be helpful to ask the graduating seniors, or the '23s, to reflect on their Dartmouth experiences. Included below are the perspectives of five current students, explaining why they chose Dartmouth and whether those reasons still hold true today. 

Breggy '23 wearing a class shirt in front of Dartmouth Hall
Breggy '23 celebrating Homecoming in front of Dartmouth Hall

Brahadesh (Breggy) Sivakumar '23 

"I chose Dartmouth because I knew it would prepare me well for medical school (if I chose to go down that path). Through my coursework in biology, research with Geisel, and shadowing at the DHMC, I became a lot more confident in my decision to become a doctor. However, I still got to pursue my other interests. For example, I do standup comedy as part of the Dartmouth Comedy Network, something I never imagined myself doing. I also picked up a minor in human-centered design, which I didn't even know existed in high school. Pursuing these two passions after graduation will only make me a better doctor."

Reina '23 sitting on a swing during BEMA Lights, a winter tradition
Reina '23 at BEMA Lights

Reina Palacios '23 

"The main reason I chose Dartmouth was because I wanted a break from city, since I planned to return to New York after college. Dartmouth has become more than just the ideal rural college that caught my eye in 11th grade. Sometimes I forget I'm in New Hampshire because it can feel like so much goes on. I have been fortunate enough to come across great people and share my college experience with my sister who is a '24. While at first the sense of community that the college prides itself in was a hard to find at first, I found that it has held true as I finish up my senior year."

Peter '23 hanging out in Hanover's Zen Garden
Peter '23 hanging out in Hanover's Zen Garden

Peter Surin '23

"I chose to come to Dartmouth because it had the best financial aid and academics for me. Regarding financial aid, Dartmouth has been extremely generous and I am very grateful for that. Dartmouth has also excelled in academics, especially in how close I have become with many of my professors here. The Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages Department is especially enriching and impressive. I also got to supplement my learning outside the classroom, especially through Undergraduate Advising & Research (UGAR) and the Catholic Student Center on campus, called the Aquinas House. While some aspects of Dartmouth can be difficult to navigate (such as the high-pressure environment and Greek Life), I have been able to enjoy the more beautiful aspects of Dartmouth."

Rooney '23 peeking out of the Berry-Baker Library Tower
Rooney '23 peeking out of the Berry-Baker Library Tower

Varun (Rooney) Malladi '23

"I came to Dartmouth to study math and take advantage of the great corporate recruiting opportunities. It seemed like a place I could do that without the competitive environment some other schools have. But my first-year advisor really pushed me to pursue math, and I became much more interested in it than I expected. The flexibility of Dartmouth's curriculum also led me to take courses in things I had always wanted to learn, like computer science, 3D graphics, and drawing. From working on my senior thesis to applying to master's programs, Dartmouth's environment has allowed me to pursue my passion for math."

Jamie '23 enjoying the Hanover snow
Jamie '23 enjoying the Hanover snow

Jamie Tatum '23 

"I chose Dartmouth because I wanted to study government while having the freedom to explore other subjects. Although I didn't end up sticking with government, I ended up finding Archaeology as my passion through Dartmouth's liberal arts education. The flexible curriculum and distributive requirements allowed me to study cool new topics, from historical linguistics to Greek and Roman engineering, while still getting credits."

No school is perfect, including Dartmouth, and I feel that each '23 spoke to both sides of their college experience. However, a common theme in all the responses was Dartmouth's deep sense of community, strong sense of place, depth and rigor of academics, and flexibility to explore. I hope that each of you finds your "right place," and that most of you come home to Dartmouth. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Dartmouth Hall lit up green for the '23s
Soon Dartmouth Hall will light up for the '27s!

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