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What tips do you have for high school juniors who are launching their college searches virtually this spring?

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People who are applying to colleges during the pandemic have a lot on their plates. They have to write seemingly endless college essays, get recommendations from teachers and coaches, all while staying on top of their grades and keeping up with the new variants of COVID. However, I have faith in you guys in your college search! 

Because a lot of events for college searches are virtual, it is important to go to those events! For example, Dartmouth holds virtual tours and information sessions where high schoolers can hear from students like myself about what college is like. A bunch of colleges have these options, and sometimes you can even email current students to hear from their perspectives.

Another good tip is to write out what you want in a college to narrow down your search. Do you want a small school in a small town, or are you looking for a school in a bustling city with tens of thousands of students? Are you looking for a liberal arts college, or a university with a little bit more structure? No two colleges are the same, so it's important to figure out what you want before you apply.

Finally, an odd tip is to find the colleges on social media! This doesn't mean just looking at the official pages, but looking at resources like student YouTubers, meme pages, and TikTok accounts. This might seem unconventional, but it will allow you to see the different sides of a campus you are interested in that you wouldn't get from a tour.

The virtual college search is hard, but I believe that with the right tools, students can find a college they love!

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