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Have you received funding from Dartmouth for research, a project, or a trip? If so, how did you find that funding and what did it enable you to do?

A: Tulio smiling with Dartmouth sweatshirt

When giving admissions tours, there are two things at Dartmouth that I say are underrated. Number one is the Hood Museum for art, a world-class art museum open to students. The second is the research opportunities for students. Dartmouth is a college with high levels of research, both among the faculty and among the students. Dartmouth students have the opportunity to conduct research even in their freshman year. I took advantage of this freshman summer by doing a Research Assistantship with a History professor, looking at post-Civil War politics in Georgia. The research was an amazing experience, allowing me to understand how research projects work and introducing me to a specific field of history. 

The funding was also straightforward to apply for. After finding a professor to do research with, you can apply for funding through the Undergraduate Research and Advising Department. There are many different funding opportunities, such as leave-term grants, assistantship grants, or even Honors thesis grants. Overall, it is extremely easy to get funding, and I would say Dartmouth makes it very easy to get involved in research!

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