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Dartmouth Powerlifting Team

When I came to Dartmouth, I knew I wanted to stay active. I participated in track and field and cross country in high school but I was both not that great and didn't have the desire to continue it in college. During my first year, I was able to stay in shape by participating in ROTC, but I decided I couldn't see the military in my future, so I stopped after my first year. I generally went to the gym during my sophomore and junior year and did the occasional run around campus. 

Powerlifting logo
Dartmouth Powerlifting is a recent club sport!

However, it wasn't until junior winter that I was dedicated to a specific club sport. In the winter term, I joined the Dartmouth Powerlifting club. Started in 2015, it is a group of Dartmouth people who are interested in trying out or growing in their powerlifting skills. A couple of times a term, there will be competitions that people in the club can attend. Just this week, a couple of the team members went to New York to participate in a competition, where they did well! 

On my first day going to practice, I went in with barely any knowledge of the River Valley Club, which is a gym in the area that the club practices in. It was a stark difference from the Alumni Gym on campus, as there were barely any machines, loud music, and a bunch of squat racks. 

However, not only were the people really friendly, but they also encouraged me in my powerlifting journey while giving tips on how to improve my form and such. Since joining the club, I have seen many PRs, and have also seen my own strength grow. In fact, last month, I was able to deadlift 315 lbs, which is a number unthinkable to me this time last year. And I can thank the Dartmouth Powerlifting team for pushing me toward this goal. 

I've also met new people through the club, and sometimes grab food with a couple of them after workouts or just throughout the week. It has been a great experience of meeting new people, getting fit, and learning more about powerlifting.

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