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For those who are away/have been away from campus: what do you miss most about Hanover and Dartmouth?

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This is a really good question! I've actually been away from campus for a really long time. I was gone in the Spring because of the pandemic, the summer because of break, and decided to take the Fall off. So not only have I been not taking classes for two consecutive terms, but I haven't actually been on campus for three. Being back on campus, and taking classes again really helps me put into perspective why I love this school so much, and why I'm so happy to be back. 

Obviously, there are physical experiences I miss that I'm now getting back. Seeing a familiar face on the first floor in Baker-Berry library while I'm studying, grabbing lunch at a friend at FoCo, or really just seeing my friends in general. Those are experiences that, while out of the classroom, are something that is important to me and my college journey. 

I also really missed my clubs too! I like to be involved in extracurriculars, and so being away from them was really hard. Even in the midst of this pandemic, we've been trying really hard to safely hold in person meetings. For example, the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern actually just recently held an in-person meeting this term, where I got to finally see familiar faces I hadn't seen in an entire year.

Now I'll be honest. A criticism I hear leveled against online school and staying in the dorms during times like these is that you're still taking online classes, except now you're in your dorm. And while I don't have a good argument for that, I think there's more to being on campus then going into lecture halls. It's about being surrounded by brilliant people, who you will consider yourself lucky to share an amazing four years with.

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