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Hi all! Welcome to my blog! I'm Chelsea-Starr, a '23 and a Senior Admissions Fellow in the Office of Admissions. I call the suburbs of Charlotte, NC home but my family is originally from Jamaica. As a first generation American, figuring out the college process was difficult and choosing the "right" place felt like a life or death decision. Acknowledging how challenging the process was for me is what motivated me to work with the Office of Admissions, originally as a tour guide where I showed visitors Dartmouth's campus and now as a Fellow where I can be a resource in the college search process for curious high schoolers, parents, and counselors. 

This blog will be a bit different than the work I normally do. Here, you will find an informal delivery of my Dartmouth experiences. For me, this is a chance to reflect on the last 3 years of my Dartmouth experience, draw some conclusions on what the past has meant to me, and document the new adventures I'll have this year. For you, I hope this blog can be a peak behind the curtain, a real view of one Dartmouth student's life on campus.  I truly hope that my posts can help during the college search process or, at the very least, can exemplify the passion and love I have for the Woods. 

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