trees with red and green leaves
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Autumn standing in front of fall tree
blurry photo of girl walking outside
fall tree
fall on campus
fall tree
fall on campus at night
Rauner and the green on a fall day

It was around this time last year that I saw the fall's photo of a current student on the Admission's blog that urged me to apply for Dartmouth Early Decision, so I figured that I should write a similar autumn-inspired post to encourage prospies to come and enjoy Hanover's best season of the year!!  

For all those huge instagramers (like me!!) you would find no better place to take a cute photo with this stunning nature!!

The yellow-and-red-leaves carpet in front of Robo (Robinson Hall, the first building you'll see when you arrive here for DOC trip) is awesomeeeee!! I've started going to the gym more these days because East Wheelock Street (the street to the gym) is super beautiful!
For someone who has been living in a city for the past 18 years, never in my life have I been able to witness such beautiful fall nature scenes everyday. Every beautiful, small thing here, from the falling leaves to the trees changing colors -- they all remind me of how lucky and grateful I am to be here. And also, my name is Autumn, so where else can I be in autumn but my stunning Dartmouth? :)