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Understand the basics and stay on track throughout the application process.

Early Decision Checklist by Date

Here's your list of forms to complete, applications to submit, and events to pay attention to. Make sure you take care of your paperwork before the deadline.

Printable Early Decision Checklist (PDF)


  • The new applications go live, so you can start your application process. You may apply using the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Dartmouth has no preference of application platform.

Due November 1st

Required for All Applicants

  • $80 First-Year Application Fee or Fee Waiver
  • Early Decision Agreement 
  • Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Dartmouth Writing Supplement 
  • Secondary School Report with Transcript and School Profile 
  • Secondary School Report: Counselor Recommendation 
  • Teacher Evaluation 1 
  • Teacher Evaluation 2
  • SAT with essay or ACT with writing

​Required if English is a foreign language


​Required for Dartmouth Financial Aid applicants

  • CSS Profile 

​Required for Financial Aid Applicants when applicable

Required for all US citizen and permanent resident Federal Financial Aid Applicants



  • Peer Evaluation (Strongly encouraged. Located within the "Other Recommender" section of the Application) 

  • 2 SAT Subject Tests (Recommended)


  • Arts Supplement

Early November

Required for All Applicants

  • Last available Standardized Testing date 

Mid November

Optional and by Alumni Invitation Only

  • Admissions Interview

Due November 15th

Required for Financial Aid Applicants when applicable

  • Noncustodial Parent PROFILE 

Required for All Financial Aid Applicants residing in the US

  • IDOC Packet (if applicable: Business/Farm supplement, signed 2016 Tax Returns and W-2 for parents, students, and non-custodial parents)​

Required for International Financial Aid Applicants

  • Parents' Income and Benefits Statements 

Mid December

Required for All Applicants

  • Early Decision Admissions Notification 

Required for Admitted Applicants

  • Tentative Financial Aid Awards Posted Online

Due Late December

Required for Admitted Applicants

  • Early Decision Intent to Enroll deadline 

January to February 

Required for Admitted Applicants

  • Mid-Year Report 

Required for ED Deferred Applicants

  • Mid-Year Report 
  • Brief update on recent notable academic, extracurricular, and personal accomplishments 
  • New standardized test scores from February test dates 

On or Before April 1

Admitted Financial Aid Applicants

  • Financial Aid Awards posted online 

Due April

Admitted Financial Aid Applicants

  • Reviews and appeals of Financial Aid packages

Due June

Required for All Enrolling Students

  • Final Secondary School Report & Transcript