Supplemental Materials

Feel like your application isn't telling the whole story? 

You may choose to submit supplemental materials to give us a little more information about you or let us know of something important that you believe would strengthen your application.

Supplemental materials may include:
  • Updates regarding
    • ​Awards received
    • Championships won
    • Participation in an event
  • Newspaper articles you're featured in
  • Resumes
  • Art Supplements

While we welcome additional materials to be included in your application, they are by no means required, and please keep in mind that we are unable to review lengthy material, so maybe hold on to that 38 page research paper and submit just a summary.

How to Submit Supplemental Materials

Please submit any supplemental material, not arts portfolios, by uploading it via the Application Management System under "Upload Materials" at the foot of your application status page. You can upload a brief text file, such as a Word document, containing your news or additional materials (please don’t upload large files containing certificates or numerous images).

For information about submitting an art supplement, please visit the Art Supplement page.