Post-Acceptance Review

You got in! Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

Your admissions decision was made based upon the information compiled from your application to Dartmouth through the date of your offer. As you complete your high school experience, the Admissions Committee expects you to maintain the level of academic, extra-curricular, and personal achievement that you presented in your candidacy through your enrollment at Dartmouth.

The College reserves the right to rescind an applicant's offer of admission wherever:

  • the applicant's final academic record has lowered significantly,
  • the applicant's application materials are found to contain one or more misrepresentations,
  • misconduct occurs or is brought to the attention of the Admissions Office after an offer of admission is made, or
  • there is a significant and adverse change in the applicant's personal or extra-curricular record.

Dartmouth reserves the right to revisit an application whenever such matters are brought to its attention by allegation or otherwise. The decision to revisit an application rests solely with the Admissions Office. Any resulting review of an application or an applicant's record will be pursued solely by this office and will be resolved outside of and without reference to the Dartmouth College student disciplinary process or any other Dartmouth College policy or process.

At the conclusion of its candidacy review, the Admissions Office will either affirm or rescind its offer of admission to the relevant applicant. If its review substantiates one or more of the above factors the Admissions Office may rescind the applicant's offer of admission at any time, including after the applicant has enrolled in or begun to attend the institution.

The Dartmouth Office of Admissions' candidate selection process is not an adjudicative or judicial process. Accordingly, an offer that is rescinded is a final decision by the institution and not subject to appeal or further review by this office or Dartmouth College.