Early Decision

Early Decision (ED) is an early admission round in which students submit their application by November 1 and receive an admission decision by mid-December. ED admission is binding: students who apply through this process are committing to attend Dartmouth if admitted (barring extenuating circumstances such as unforeseen financial hardship).

Under Dartmouth's ED process, students may apply for admission at other schools through early programs that are neither restricted nor binding, but will be expected to withdraw any other applications and enroll at Dartmouth if admitted early.

ED applicants are admitted at a slightly higher rate than Regular Decision applicants, but the majority of the incoming class is still admitted through Regular Decision. If you know Dartmouth is your first choice and are ready to apply by November 1, this application process will allow you to receive a decision from us significantly earlier than the regular application round.

The Early Decision Process and Commitment
  • If Dartmouth is your clear first choice, you are welcome to submit a binding Early Decision application for admission. The early process will enable you to receive a decision in mid-December and, if admitted, enable you to conclude your college search process without having to submit additional applications to other schools.
  • ​Early Decision applicants are required to sign the Early Decision Agreement, which commits the applicant to enroll at Dartmouth if admitted. In other words, the agreement is binding.
  • Applicants may apply to other schools through non-restricted and non-binding application processes, but are prohibited from submitting binding early applications to other colleges. If admitted early to Dartmouth and another school, the applicant will be expected to enroll at Dartmouth and decline any other offer of admission.
  • Applicants admitted early to Dartmouth are required to withdraw any pending applications to other schools and may not initiate any new applications to other schools.
  • Dartmouth guarantees to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of all admitted students and provides admitted early applicants with estimated financial aid awards. In the event that an aid award is not sufficient, families are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office with any concerns they may have. In the unlikely event that the Financial Aid Office and the family cannot reach an agreement regarding appropriate aid, the College will release the admitted student from their commitment to enroll.