We welcome fine art materials, vocal and instrumental recordings, performance videos, and other visual materials from applicants who wish to demonstrate extraordinary talent in the fine or performing arts. In some instances, the portfolio submission may be refered to as an art supplement.


Applicants who wish to demonstrate extraordinary talent in the fine or performing arts may submit a portfolio once they have already completed and submitted the rest of their application. Applicants for the Early Decision deadline on November 1 have until November 5 to submit their portfolio, and applicants for the Regular Decision deadline on January 2 have until January 7 to submit their portfolio.

Portfolios must be submitted electronicallyApplicants who wish to submit a porfolio will be able to do so through their application portal after they have submitted their completed application. For more detailed information, review these instructions: artportfolioinstructions.pdf


Portfolios are reviewed by Dartmouth faculty. If you submit a portfolio, our faculty will consider your potential to deeply engage with the arts at Dartmouth—either through academic studies or extracurricular pursuits.

If admitted, your submission does not commit you to participate in the arts, though we hope you will. Conversely, a lack of submission will not count against you if, in the future, you decide to participate in the arts as part of your college experience.

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