SAT Subject Tests

You are welcome to submit SAT Subject Test scores to illustrate your academic strengths.

Dartmouth College is test optional for the Class of 2026.

Offered by the College Board until Spring 2021, SAT Subject Tests are subject-specific exams offered in five areas: English, history, languages, mathematics, and science.

SAT Subject Tests are an optional part of our review process. Not submitting scores will not prevent your candidacy from receiving a full review by the Admissions Committee. If you submit subject test scores, we will include them in our review of your application.

It's Not All About the Numbers

Holistic admissions is grounded in the concept that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. At Dartmouth, this idea is at the forefront of our application review process. We look at every candidacy in the context of the opportunities available to the candidate, and we consider testing in the context of the candidacy as a whole. Any testing submitted is reviewed in conjunction with your coursework and grades, secondary school report, and recommendations to enable us to understand your academic preparation as completely as possible.

Test Deadline

Last test date for Early Decision: November
Last test date for Regular Decision: December