Exchange to Transfer Student Policy

Find out why Dartmouth does not usually allow students on exchange programs to transfer to Dartmouth.

Dartmouth does not normally allow exchange students to matriculate at the College as transfer students earning the undergraduate AB degree. Partnership programs with other institutions, such as exchange and dual enrollment programs, are not designed to encourage or allow visiting students to become matriculated Dartmouth students.

There are two reasons for this:
  • If Dartmouth allowed exchange students or dual-enrolled students to matriculate through the transfer process, Dartmouth would be jeopardizing the relationship it has with the students' home institutions.

  • Students transferring into Dartmouth cannot transfer more than 17 credits, and must fulfill a minimum six-term residency requirement. Exchange and dual enrolled students would not be exempt from these requirements. Terms spent at Dartmouth through the exchange or dual enrollment program do not count towards the credit or residency requirements as they are not considered terms when the student was matriculated at Dartmouth.