Peer Recommendation

A peer recommendation is strongly encouraged for us to get a better understanding of your interests and character from another perspective.

A peer recommendation is a written statement of support for the applicant's candidacy, completed by anyone the applicant considers a peer. It should not be someone who is in a supervisory or oversight role in the applicant's life. A few examples are a classmate or teammate; brother, sister, or cousin; a co-worker; a friend met at summer school or summer camp; lab or debate partner.

The fastest and most direct way to submit a peer recommendation is by assigning and inviting your peer to complete the peer recommendation through the Common App. You will also have the option of inviting a peer to write a recommendation on your behalf via Dartmouth's Application Portal, which will be available to you after you submit the Common App.

While your Common App should be submitted online by the application deadline, your peer recommendation will be accepted after the deadline. It would be most helpful to our review process to receive the peer recommendation within ten days of the application deadline. We will add materials to your file as we receive them.

Learn more about the Peer Rec via "Asking For A Friend," an article in 3D Magazine, including excerpts of peer recommendations written for current Dartmouth students.

Dartmouth is one the few colleges to invite applicants to submit a peer letter of recommendation. We asked a few members of the Class of 2027 to read what their peers wrote about them.