If I share my QuestBridge Application with Dartmouth, may I also submit the Dartmouth writing supplement or peer recommendation?


Dartmouth does not require the Dartmouth writing supplement or peer recommendation for any QuestBridge Finalist.

For the QuestBridge National College Match process specifically, we find the timeline too tight to ask for either of these items from applicants. If you desire to and are able to get them in, you may email them to [email protected].

Since we have more time with your application if you were to roll over into our binding Early Decision or Regular Decision, you are welcome to pass along these items. If you do roll over into our other processes, you may submit these through your Dartmouth Application Management System or by emailing us with the following subject line: “writing supplement for [Your First and Last Name]” or “peer recommendation for [Your First and Last Name].” Your peer may also send us the recommendation directly. 

Keep in mind though that these are not required and any QuestBridge Finalist who does not submit them will not be at a disadvantage.